John Little

The RFun Series is Back

Introducing the Fall 2017 RFun Series. We’ve expanded and transformed the series to add more hands-on training opportunities. Links to registration are below.

Each R workshop will take place on a Monday, beginning in mid-September. Individual workshops will last two hours. The series will extend over four consecutive weeks followed by a brief respite. The fifth and final workshop will introduce Shiny, a package for developing interactive web visualizations. The workshop line-up is intended to gently build knowledge and ensures subsequent sessions remain engaging and practicable.

  1. Intro to R: Data Transformations, Analysis, and Data Structures (Sept. 11, Repeated Oct. 17). Learning Materials
  2. Reproducibility: Data Management, Git, & RStudio (Sept. 18) Learning Materials: OSF Poject Page | Hands-On
  3. Visualization in R using ggplot2 (Sept. 25)
  4. Mapping with R (Oct. 2)
  5. Developing Interactive Websites with R and Shiny (Oct. 19)


Dates and details are available through our DVS Workshops Registration page. Advanced registration with a Duke NetID is required.

Access to Workshop Materials

Importantly, advanced registration is not a conduit to receiving an announcement regarding recordings. I note this here to remind people to avoid squatting on limited seating. Squatting is unnecessary since all workshops will be recorded. Workshop materials, slide presentations, and data will be shared publicly following the actual workshops. See the DVS past workshops page for access and availability.